Finding the right accommodation in the Cederberg to suit your needs is an important step in your planning stages. Fortunately Cederberg Chalets offers the true experience that you’ve been searching for – natural living with a touch of homely comfort. If truly getting away from all the distractions of the modern world is your goal then there is simply no better option. The Cedar Rock Reservation contains only four guest cottages which are separated from each other by several kilometres, ensuring privacy.


In keeping with the owner’s vision, these stone cottages were restored from their original states as shepherds’ cottages and in no way do they detract from the scenery, as they are pieces of history in their own right. Of the four cottages, Leopard Rock is perhaps the most unique. In order to preserve the pristine state of this portion of the Cederberg, the cottage was restored within a large rock overhang, and the natural mountain face now comprises the cottage’s West wall.


Given this, the rooms sharing this wall (including the living area) are truly enchanting to behold. Feel the call back to older, simpler times as you rest beneath the shade of the earth’s natural features and trace your hands along the gentle curves of the un-worked stone. Leopard Rock is the largest of the cottages and features three bedrooms which include six single beds and, despite the feel of living naturally, provides a very comfortable and homely shelter from the rigours of your daily explorations.


Despite the name, the cottage is not surrounded by the legendary cats and your chances of SIGHTING one are perhaps only somewhat improved in this area. Leopard Rock does, however, possess one of the most breathtaking view points due to its location on a high plateau. The cottage provides a panoramic view of the never ending stretch of vast open plains, standing amidst blooming veld flowers.


If you’ve been seeking tranquil and comfortable accommodation in the Cederberg, then Cederberg Chalets proudly recommends Leopard Rock, for the ultimate veld adventure.