Zebra Chalet offers affordable accommodation in the Cederberg within the lauded Cedar Rock reserve. What is now a comfortable stone chalet was formally a shepherd’s cottage which has been restored beyond its former glory without any significant new alterations which could detract from the experience. Cederberg Chalets is dedicated to the preservation and rehabilitation of the area and, as such, prides itself on the natural theme of its cottages.

773Zebra has two bedrooms with four beds in total, which makes it ideal for the small family unit or a small group of close friends. This chalet is in close proximity to gemsbok cottage, which makes the two of them the best selections for a larger group of visiting friends – as it takes but a few moments to reach one another’s porches for a quiet drink. Complete with free roaming Cape mountain zebra, gemsbok, springbok and other wildlife, the chalet offers full access to all of the attractions inherent to the Cederberg and provides a great level of comfort after a strenuous day of exploration.

This Cederberg accommodation is different from classic safari style tourism spots in that no excessive conveniences exist to distract one from the natural, tranquil wonders which surround. Despite the comfort of the chalets, modern luxuries are not the focus of the experience – the aim is for guests to be spellbound by the call of the open wilderness. When your front vista consists of high arching mountains blanketed in kaleidoscopic displays of floral colours, and surrounding you antelope and zebra move freely alongside fleet footed ostriches – there is simply no place for cell phones or blaring music.


The Cedar Rock Reserve is dedicated to providing an emotional experience filled with only the peace of nature, excluding all distractions and refocusing us on where we came from, who we are and what’s truly important. In a world filled with stress, where one is committed to the rigours of constant performance, pressure and overwhelming crime – this environment exists as one of the final bastions of serenity and solitude.



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Cederberg Chalets

Situated in the Cederberg mountains, the CEDERBERG CHALETS are located in wide open spaces of unspoilt wilderness and tranquillity, spectacular rock formations , rock art, hiking and game viewing. Unspoilt fresh air exists here in abundance. Luxury SOLITUDE chalets have been constructed for those wishing a quiet, private landscape of their own, shared only with game.

What a lovely place to stay when you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life! I recommend to anyone who needs to de-stress in a peacefull environment.

Jenny Carver Paris, France

Had a wonderful time at the Cederberg Chalets. So peaceful and tranquil. Will definitely be coming back again.

Sam Jones Essex, UK

Had a great time with family at Cederberg chalets. Always nice to escape to the great outdoors! Think we will make this an annual trip.

Daniel Jones Cape Town, South Africa